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True Triple Pane Windows

One day you wake up in the morning and wonder why my house is so cold and realize that the time has come to replace your windows and doors.  Then you spend the whole day researching and asking your friends and families about their window replacement experiences. Everyone recommends you replace your current windows with triple pane windows and suggest you go online and call various companies to provide you with window quotes.

After getting various window quotes, you are more confused as to which triple pane windows to choose for your house. The answer is very simple, you require wide glazing unit windows with thick glasses with 2 low-E and 2 argon gas in both chambers for better thermal performance and durability, which leads to fewer energy bills.

What is a triple pane?

They’re a 3-pane window that consists of three total panes of glass.

What is a true triple pane?

The true triple glazing unit is 40 mm wide with 2 Low-E and 2 argon gas.

Is the triple-pane glazing worth the extra money?

Yes, it is. Triple pane windows do a better job than double pane windows for preserving energy within your home.

Do triple-pane windows increase home value?

Yes, please, see here.

Are triple pane windows worth it in cold climates?

Yes, they are worth and required in cold climates.

How to check if my windows are double or triple panes?

Hold a flashlight, so it’s shining directly through your window. This can be done from either the inside or the outside of the window. As the light passes through the glass, you will see either two or three spots of light. Each spot of light represents one pane of glass.

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