Lift & Slide Glass Portal Doors

Lift & Slide Glass Portal Doors

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Say hello to a world of unparalleled elegance and design innovation with our Lift & Slide Glass Portal Doors. These extraordinary doors are engineered to redefine your living experience, offering the ability to accommodate extra-large openings with widths up to 10 meters (32 feet) and heights up to 2.8 meters (9 feet). With just a simple turn of the lift and slide handle, you gain the power to move the mass of the sashes effortlessly, creating a barrier-free living space that seamlessly connects your indoors with the outdoors. Despite their impressive dimensions, these doors glide open and closed with surprising smoothness, enhancing your living space’s functionality and aesthetics.


Moreover, these doors from REHAU meet the requirements of barrier-free movement over thresholds, ensuring accessibility and ease of use. Previously popular in individual low-rise buildings, these doors have now found their place in the design of panoramic doors and penthouses with winter gardens. Step into a world of limitless possibilities today, where your living space is transformed, and panoramic views become an everyday luxury.

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A New Dimension in Home Design

Elevate your home with the unparalleled benefits of Lift & Slide Glass Portal Doors! These extraordinary doors offer a range of advantages tailored to enhance your living experience. With widths up to 10 meters (32 feet) and heights up to 2.8 meters (9 feet), these doors provide breathtaking panoramic views and seamless transitions to your outdoor spaces. Additionally, the lift and slide handle makes operating these doors a breeze, allowing you to move even the heaviest sashes effortlessly. Designed with your comfort in mind, you can rest assured that these doors offer exceptional energy efficiency and sound insulation, so you can create a serene oasis within your home.

With our Lift & Slide Glass Portal Doors, you’ll enjoy panoramic vistas that redefine your perception of the great outdoors. These doors transform your living space, providing an unobstructed view of the surrounding landscape. Whether you have a beautiful garden, or access to a picturesque scenery or expansive cityscape, these doors frame it all, allowing you to savour breathtaking views without leaving the comfort of your home.

Say goodbye to the struggle of heavy doors. The lift and slide handle simplifies the process of moving sashes with a gentle 180-degree turn downward. This ingenious mechanism lifts the moveable sash slightly, enabling it to glide effortlessly on rollers. You’ll be amazed at how smoothly and easily these doors open and close, making them a joy to use daily.

These doors are designed for open, inviting spaces. Their smooth gliding on rollers creates a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor areas, erasing the boundaries that typically exist between these two worlds. This barrier-free living experience enhances the flow of your space, allowing you to effortlessly move between your home’s interior and the beauty of the outdoors.
Achieving a peaceful and tranquil living environment is essential. These doors not only offer visual appeal but also provide sound insulation that reduces unwanted noise disturbances from the outside world. Enjoy the serenity of your home, whether it’s the soft rustle of leaves, the gentle chirping of birds, or the calming sound of raindrops, without the disruptions of the outside world interfering with your peace and quiet.

Where Design Meets Functionality for Commercial Spaces

Experience a new dimension of design versatility and functionality with our Lift & Slide Glass Portal Doors, a game-changer for architects, contractors, and commercial property owners. These doors redefine the boundaries of space utilization, offering many benefits that elevate your commercial projects to new heights. Accommodating extra-large openings of up to 10 meters in width and 2.8 meters in height, our doors allow you to seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor areas, creating an expansive, flexible environment that caters to diverse needs. Additionally, their innovative lift and slide mechanism, which allows for smooth sash movement with minimal effort, ensures that these doors are as efficient as they are elegant.

Redefine the functionality of your commercial space by blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors. Whether it’s a restaurant with alfresco dining or a conference center with flexible seating arrangements, these doors provide the adaptability to meet diverse needs.
Tailor your commercial space to your unique vision. These doors offer limitless design possibilities, allowing you to create an atmosphere that aligns with your brand, theme, or business concept.
Lower operational costs and maintain a pleasant interior climate with doors that keep your space warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This improvement in overall energy efficiency also contributes to a positive working environment and customer experience.

Our Lift & Slide Glass Portal Doors are designed to accommodate extra-large openings, allowing you to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces on a grand scale.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, our Lift & Slide Glass Portal Doors offer an impressive level of customization to accommodate a wide range of project requirements. Whether your project demands unique dimensions, configurations, or design preferences, these doors can be tailored to fit seamlessly. From extra-large openings to unconventional layouts, their adaptability ensures that they can effortlessly integrate into your specific project needs.

Absolutely! Our Lift & Slide Glass Portal Doors are engineered with a strong focus on net zero energy efficiency. Their exceptional heat insulation properties enhance your comfort and contribute to substantial energy savings year-round. Plus, these doors are designed to meet stringent energy efficiency standards, ensuring that your interior spaces remain cozy during the colder months while keeping heat at bay when the temperatures rise. 

Yes, Lift & Slide Glass Portal Doors are meticulously designed to comply with accessibility standards. This compliance ensures that they meet the requirements for barrier-free movement over thresholds, making them suitable for various residential and commercial settings.

Whether you’re planning for a welcoming entrance to your home or need to provide easy access for patrons at your commercial establishment, these doors deliver a seamless and inclusive experience for all.