How to Choose Replacement Windows

How to Choose Replacement Windows?

If you are in the market for new windows, you probably are already aware that there are many different options with varying features and many different windows and doors contractors available to choose from. New windows can enhance your home’s beauty and help make your home more comfortable while increasing your home’s energy efficiency and security.

Not all windows are constructed the same and not all windows and doors companies provide the same quality installation services. So, when it comes time to choosing replacement windows for your home, it is important that you do your do diligence and make the best choice for your needs and expectations

To help you choose the best windows for your next replacement, we asked our windows and doors consultants to share what to consider when choosing replacement windows.

Their top responses are shared below:

Quality Over Price

Getting a good deal always feels good, but getting a great price by sacrificing quality is not a good trade off when it comes to your windows. High-quality windows that incorporate features such as multi-chamber frames, reinforced sashes, and glass that reduces the effects of the sun’s UV rays while providing great insulation will ensure that your windows continue to perform optimally and can stand the test of time.

No matter how good the windows you purchase are, if they are not installed properly you will not be satisfied with your outcome. Leaks, excess noise, and drafts can all result in discomfort in your own home and cane lead to damage down the road. Having an experienced, professional windows and doors contractor install your new windows, limits the potential of issues in the future.

Energy Efficiency Rating

The energy efficiency rating of your replacement windows helps ensure a consistent internal temperature in your home, eliminating any cold spots and making your home more comfortable. Energy efficient windows also help you reduce your utility bills as your HVAC system does not have to work as much to maintain a consistent temperature in your home. Triple paned, argon filled, and Low-E are all features that can help increase the efficiency rating of your window.

Window Operation

Different window styles operate in different ways. You can choose from windows that have cranks and levers to open and close or others that slide left and right or up and down to open and close. The type of window you choose can affect the look and feel of a room, the amount of air flow and sunlight as well as the ease of operation. Before you choose what type of window you want to replace our older window with, consider the space you have and if the operation style can potentially obstruct your view.

When choosing replacement windows, there are many options to choose from, just keep in mind not all windows are the same, and that the installation is just as important as the quality of the window.

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