how to soundproof windows

How to soundproof windows?

Within the last couple of years, our life has been extremely changed and our workplaces have been transferred to our houses. We faced the issues of renovating a nice and cozy living room into a totally effective little home office. It is very challenging to focus on the work with strict deadlines, especially when we are surrounded by the sounds of our family members, friends, and pets in the same place.

During building the office spaces companies often apply sound-mitigation design principles to ensure that one person’s meeting is not distracted by other co-workers. Our houses are not often arranged with soundproofing options. However, there are ways to combine some of these ideas into our home area, which is also now our workplace.

As per Statistics Canada, roughly 7 out of 10 professionals are working from home and the number of people who decided to work remotely is increasing every year, which means we are going to spend more time in our home space.

How to make windows soundproof with Permanent Windows Solution?

The permanent solution of soundproofing your home office is to obtain windows with good sound isolation which will help you to reduce the loud music from your neighbour`s house or the noise from the busy roads next to your house.

So, for better soundproofing and blocking unwanted noise in your home we deliver true European standard triple pane windows which provide more thermal and sound performance than any other regular triple-pane glass windows available in the market. Because the glazing cavity needs to be wide enough to accommodate three pieces of glass that are right thickness without compromising the space between each pane of the glass.

How to choose the best soundproof windows?

Our windows reduce outside noise up to 45 dB which almost completely eliminates outside traffic noise.

For better peace of mind and noise cancellation from the outside world please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide permanent windows solutions.

Here is the example of our soundproof windows from our customer:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What windows are the best for soundproofing?

True Triple glazed windows with more than 40 mm thick glazing units are the best for soundproofing especially considering they provide a sealed insulated layer of Argon gas between the panes.

Are soundproof windows expensive?

No, they are not expensive.

Are soundproof windows worth it?

Yes, they are more than worthy as it blocks unwanted noise.

Does soundproofing work both ways?

Yes, it works both ways inside and outside of your house.

Will soundproof work if I tilt my window?

It is more soundproof when the window is closed.

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