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When Should You Replace Windows and Doors?

It would be extremely convenient if your windows and doors had an expiry date or even a gauge that indicated when they need to be replaced. Even though it is not as simple as this to know when you should replace your windows and doors, there are some very specific clues you should look for that will notify you that it is time to look into replacement doors and windows.

To help you inspect the windows and doors in your home, we put together a list of 6 clues for you to look out for:

1. When There is a Spike in Your Energy Bills

According to some surveys, heating and cooling expenses account for as much as 40{481a0c9a4e315d2c75ed09dcc1a0aa43ac3a3f5c11d5760a5a73178fece9cb86} of recurring household costs. Older windows and doors that no longer seal properly can cause an increase in the usage of your heating and cooling systems to maintain a consistent temperature in your home. This increased usage will lead to a significant rise in your energy consumption and bills. If you notice your energy bills are creeping higher than they ever have before, have a good look at your windows and doors. Chances are they are the cause.

2. When You Have Broken, Damaged, or Warped Windows and Doors

It should be pretty obvious that a window or door with a big crack in it or severely damaged frames need to be replaced. However, smaller less evident damage such as small cracks and warped frames require close inspection to identify. Once uncovered, all damaged windows and doors should be replaced. If not, they pose as an opportunity for further damage as wind, rain, snow and potential critters now have an access point into your home and they pose a security risk as they are potential easy entry points for would be intruders.

3. When Condensation Builds in Between Your Panes

Double paned windows are the minimum standard for replacements, however you can opt for triple or even quadruple paned windows as an upgrade. With multi-paned windows it is usual for condensation to build up on either the outside pane or inside pane. This is due to the differing temperatures from in your home and the outside environment. If, however condensation appears in between any of the panes, this is a sign of a major issue. This means that the seal between the two panes has been compromised and the window has not lost its efficiency.

4. When They Get Stuck or Jammed

After closing, opening, and locking your windows and doors for a long period, they can get stuck or jammed. This is because tiny grooves and divots have been created by the repeated open/close actions. Additionally ,small cracks around the frame can cause additional wear and tear of the frame or window itself. Regardless of the cause or situation, you should note that having to fight with a window or door to open or close it should be taken as a sign that it is time to replace it.

5. When Your Room Is Drafty

If your windows and doors are in good condition, they will not allow air to come into your home whenever they are closed. However, when they are not performing optimally, the reverse is usually the case. If you start noticing that your rooms are getting drafty, or that the temperature by your windows and doors differs drastically from the middle of the room, it is evident that your windows or doors are letting air in. If left alone, the situation will worsen, causing an increase in your energy bills, as mentioned above.

6. When You Want a Home Makeover

Windows and doors are some of the most notable parts of any home. Therefore, if you are trying to give your home a refreshed look, you shouldn’t avoid replacing your windows and doors. Replacing your doors and windows will increase your home’s curb appeal, add to the over aesthetic both inside and out, and increase the overall value of your property

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