Tilt and Turn windows

German Engineered tilt and turn windows can be opened in multiple directions, allowing for greater ventilation and saving on heating and cooling costs. When you tilt the window, it only opens at the top; the bottom remains closed. This allows fresh air to enter your home while keeping the rain and unwanted visitors out.

In addition to their functional advantages, tilt-and-turn windows including our vinyl tilt and turn options, are visually pleasing and sophisticated. Because of their clean lines and modern style, they may update any room in your house without detracting from its traditional feel.

Discover the Difference of European Tilt and Turn Windows


They offer excellent protection against wind, rain, snow, and even noise pollution; these types of windows are particularly popular in regions that are prone to experiencing severe weather conditions.

Permanent Windows Solutions Inc. Tilt & Turn windows are made with multi-chamber, heat-welded corners REHAU profiles, which are reinforced with galvanized steel and Gretch-Unitas multi-point hardware. With three options available to meet your needs.


European Tilt and Turn Windows Profile Systems

Brillant Profile

This window profile system is optimal for applications in apartments, houses, hospitals and childcare institutions.

  • Number of chambers: 5
  • Triple pane 4mm glass
  • Two spaces Argon
  • Two Low-e coating
  • Profile depth: 70 mm
  • Double compression seal
Synego Profile

This window profile is optimal for northern climates due to its superior sealing system.

  • Number of chambers: 7
  • Triple pane 4mm glass (up to 52mm IGU)
  • Possible 4-pane sealed unit.
  • Two spaces Argon
  • Two Low-e coating
  • Profile depth: 86mm
  • Triple compression seal
Geneo Profile

This innovative window profile system has no equivalent in the world. This is a unique combination of durability and energy efficiency.

  • Number of chambers: 6
  • Triple pane 4 mm glass (up to 53mm IGU)
  • Two spaces Argon\Two Low-e coating
  • Profile depth: 86 mm
  • Triple compression seal
  • PassiveHouse Certified (Rosenheim, German), PassiveHouse Institute

The Benefits of Tilt and Turn Windows

Large Operable Window

Tilt and turn windows and doors enable the installation of spacious, functional units. You can now get all the views without having to divide it, like a conventional casement window. This will allow for more glass space. Just think no more large mullions in the middle of your window.


European tilt and turn windows and doors lock with Gretch-Unitas ( , which has a band of steel surrounding the sash, which locks in multiple places around it. This makes for a superior seal against not only the exterior elements like air and water but also against the potential intruder.


All of our windows come with a triple pane, allowing superior soundproofing. Sealed units 41mm (1 ½”) to 52mm (2”) thick, depending on the profile.

Energy-efficient glazing

The glazing occupies more than 75% of the window surface, which is why it is important for energy saving. Our window factory produces triple pane insulated glazing units by using LISEC – Austrian high-tech equipment.

Tilt and Turn windows

Easy to clean:

As the Tilt & Turn opens like an exterior door, there is no need for a ladder to clean your windows. You simply open the window from the comfort of your home and clean it as required.