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What causes cracks around windows and doors?

Cracks around windows and doors can be an eyesore and can also indicate potential structural problems in your home. But what causes these cracks in the first place? Here are some common reasons:

  • Settlement: As homes age, they can settle and shift, causing cracks around windows and doors.
  • Temperature Changes: Extreme temperature changes can cause the expansion and contraction of materials, leading to cracks in windows and doors.
  • Poor Installation: If windows and doors are not properly installed, they may not be able to withstand the weight and pressure of the surrounding materials, leading to cracks.
  • Aging: Over time, windows and doors can become worn and damaged, leading to cracks and other problems.
  • Weather: Severe weather conditions like heavy rain, wind, and hail can cause damage to windows and doors, leading to cracks.
  • Poor Maintenance: Neglecting regular maintenance and repairs can cause windows and doors to become damaged, leading to cracks.

Cracks around windows and doors are a serious problem that should be addressed promptly to ensure the safety and stability of your home. If you’re experiencing cracks or other problems, contact a professional to assess the situation and recommend the best course of action.

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