Design options

There are many non-standard window shapes, which can be either opening or non-opening. Some examples of shapes are rake heads, triangles, half rounds, quarter rounds, hexagons and circles, just to name a few. If you can think of it, Permanent Windows Solutions can create it. Also, due to the advanced, high-efficiency profile, we can open that window where most North American designs can not.

Arch/half-round Windows:

Add a lovely arched window to improve the appearance of your house. With rounded tops and sharp edges, arch windows add visual flair to any room. The graceful curves of any arch window serve as a focal point to boost the appearance of your home without sacrificing natural light, whether it has a complete half-round or elliptical windows. Arch windows are prevalent in classic and farmhouse-style homes; enjoy their lovely aesthetic appeal.


Circle/Round windows:

The round windows are beautifully curved in shape and symmetrical construction. These unique windows, called full circle or circular windows, are frequently put in closets, bathrooms, foyers, and stairways. Round windows add natural light to confined spaces and can serve as a decorative element. A circle window is a timeless element that looks well in traditional interiors and modern or contemporary residences.

Rackhead Windows:

Rake windows have unusually shaped sides and angles. Rake windows are a terrific method to give a house visual appeal and individuality. They are commonly used to model roof lines.

Triangle Windows:

Triangle windows are an excellent way to add visual style to your home with a customized, floor-to-ceiling effect.  Huge triangle windows can create a massive wall of light. To make an eye-catching design statement, they are often found in A-frame homes in living rooms when paired with square or rectangle windows. Or in dormitories and matched with squares, rectangles or other triangles.