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Bay & Bow Windows

Energy-efficient, attractive, and environmentally responsible, our handcrafted bay and bow windows showcase our innovative multi-chamber window profile. Our windows in Canada are meticulously custom-made for your home, allowing you to choose the operational style that suits your preference.

Elevate Your Space with Our Distinctive Bay Windows

A bay window comprises three distinct window units positioned at various angles, typically set at 10, 15, and 45 degrees. These windows often feature one large central unit flanked by two smaller ones. On the other hand, a bow window boasts four or five window units, its gently curved structure resembling a bow and arrow, creating an elegant, rounded exterior appearance. Typically, each unit within a bow window is of uniform size.

Explore the elegance of bay and bow windows with Permanent Window Solutions, and learn about bay window costs, prices, and efficient bay window replacement options.


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