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5 Reasons Why your Windows Are Leaking

Your windows are an important aspect of your home’s design as they provide both beauty and function. They are responsible for filling your home with natural light as well as fresh air when opened. Your windows are also expected to stand up to elements, be it snow, ice, rain or heavy winds your windows are designed to repel anything mother nature throws at your home. When your windows are not able to provide perfect protection and you start to notice small leaks, this is a major cause for concern as these leaks can lead to large issues. Not all leaks need a window replacement in Canada to correct, first thing you need to do is diagnose where the leak is coming from to better understand how to rectify it.

Below we highlight some of the more common reasons for window leaks:

Window Wear and Tear

A major source for leaks (both air and moisture) is through cracks or gaps in your window’s sealant. If the window sealant is damaged in any way, there is a potential for the elements to find their way into your home. A breakdown in your locking mechanism can cause your windows to not close tightly leaving enough space for water and air to pass through. Replacing your sealant or your locking mechanism is a fairly inexpensive repair that may prevent the early need for a window replacement.

Poor Installation

Having your windows installed by an experienced window contractor is the best way to avoid issues such as leaks from occurring due to poor installation. If the window wasn’t fitted properly, wasn’t sealed properly or if corrosion proof nails and screws weren’t used, you can expect problems down the road. Unfortunately, when your leak is due to poor installation, you will more than likely need to replace the faulty windows.

Damaged Glass Seal

If you are noticing moisture between your window panes on your double, triple, or quadruple paned windows, chances are this is not a water leak but an air leak. This is caused by poor or damaged glass seal. There may not be a concern of water entering your home from this type of an issue, but a window with a broken seal is still a major issue. Windows with this type of damage have lost their efficiency and have a decreased insulating ability. Over time the moisture built up will lead to stains in-between the window panes, reducing your view and the amount of light entering your home.

Defective Windows

Even though defective windows are usually not the cause of leaks, it doesn’t mean it can’t happen. If you notice your newly installed windows are leaking it could be due to a defect in manufacturing or even damage during transport. Leaks of this nature may not be evident right away, they may take a few weeks or months before the flaw allows for water to penetrate through. The good news is that these leaks are almost always covered by the manufacturers warranty.

Home Issues

You may find that you have windows that are leaking although you have checked for damage and inspected the sealant. The cause may be an issue with your home and not the window specifically. A lack of window overhang or cracks in your wall can all lead to water entering your home. Diagnosing issues that are a result of design flaws or damage to your home can be difficult, and may need an experienced professional to point out.

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