REHAU Windows

Our company staff has been manufacturing and installing windows every day for the last 18 years. We only use the Rehau profiles for the window production.

Characteristics of the Rehau profiles:

  • safe and environment-friendly
  • do not corrode
  • energy-efficient
  • do not change colour, weather- and fireproof
  • 50 year durability

Window and doors profile systems

We offer windows and doors of three REHAU window profile systems. Each profile system has its own unique characteristics.

The REHAU windows are safe, resistant to the sun’s rays and energy- efficient.

Energy-efficient glazing

The glazing occupies more than 75% of the window surface, that is why it is important for energy saving. Our factory produces triple pane insulated glazing units by using the Austrian high-tech equipment Lisec.


This window profile system is optimal for glassing of apartments, houses, hospitals and child care institutions.

  • Number of chambers: 5
  • Profile depth: 70 mm
  • Double seal
  • Heat transfer coefficient: 1,3 W/m2K
  • Anti-burglar protection: RC2
  • Acoustic insulation: 45 dB


The new window profile system with excellent thermic characteristics.

  • Number of chambers: 7 in a frame, 6 in a sash
  • Profile depth: 80 mm
  • Double seal
  • Heat transfer coefficient: 1,0 W/m2K
  • Anti-burglar protection: RC3
  • Acoustic insulation: 46 dB


The innovative window profile system has no analogues in the world. This is a unique combination of characteristics of durability and energy efficiency.

  • Number of chambers: 6
  • Profile depth: 86 mm
  • Triple seal
  • Heat transfer coefficient: 0,85 W/m2K
  • Anti-burglar protection: RC3
  • Acoustic insulation: 50 dB