Tilt and Turn REHAU Window Installation

Another installation of tilt and turn windows was done by our experienced team.


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True Triple Pane Windows

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One day you wake up in the morning and wonder why my house is so cold and realize that the time has come to replace your windows and doors.  Then you spend the whole day researching and asking your friends and families about their window replacement experiences. Everyone recommends you replace your current windows with triple pane windows and suggest you go online and call various companies to provide you with window quotes.

After getting various window quotes, you are more confused as to which triple pane windows to choose for your house. The answer is very simple, you require wide glazing unit windows with thick glasses with 2 low-E and 2 argon gas in both chambers for better thermal performance and durability, which leads to fewer energy bills. Read more

Another Finished Installation For Our Customer. REHAU Tilt and Turn Windows and uPVC Doors.

Our Another Finished Project.

Tilt and Turn Windows are made in Antracite Grey colour outside and in white colour inside.

Doors are design #29 from our catalogue in Anthracite Grey colour inside and outside.



How to add value to your house?

House isn’t just a place; it’s a home sweet home and a Great feeling! It is awesome when you feel nice, cozy, and warm in your home. But what should you do when your home is losing more and more heating every year, and your bills are getting higher and higher?

According to the Government of Canada, around 25% of heating losses happen because of the conditions of the wrong windows. Sometimes, windows can seem fine and even good, but it doesn’t mean that they are not losing heat from your house, which means an increase in electricity bills immensely. Read more

How to soundproof windows?

Within the last couple of years, our life has been extremely changed and our workplaces have been transferred to our houses. We faced the issues of renovating a nice and cozy living room into a totally effective little home office. It is very challenging to focus on the work with strict deadlines, especially when we are surrounded by the sounds of our family members, friends, and pets in the same place.

During building the office spaces companies often apply sound-mitigation design principles to ensure that one person’s meeting is not distracted by other co-workers. Our houses are not often arranged with soundproofing options. However, there are ways to combine some of these ideas into our home area, which is also now our workplace.

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What is the Difference Between Casement and Awning Windows?

Whether you are remodeling your existing house or building a new one, selecting the right windows and doors for your new home is extremely important. For many homeowners, there are usually challenges with selecting the right windows as they often may get stuck between different options. Two of the more popular window options are awning windows and casement windows.

If you are considering either casement windows and awning windows, this post may help you, as we outline the difference between them below.

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How to Choose Replacement Windows?

If you are in the market for new windows, you probably are already aware that there are many different options with varying features and many different windows and doors contractors available to choose from. New windows can enhance your home’s beauty and help make your home more comfortable while increasing your home’s energy efficiency and security.

Not all windows are constructed the same and not all windows and doors companies provide the same quality installation services. So, when it comes time to choosing replacement windows for your home, it is important that you do your do diligence and make the best choice for your needs and expectations

To help you choose the best windows for your next replacement, we asked our windows and doors consultants to share what to consider when choosing replacement windows.

Their top responses are shared below:

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5 Reasons Why your Windows Are Leaking

Your windows are an important aspect of your home’s design as they provide both beauty and function. They are responsible for filling your home with natural light as well as fresh air when opened. Your windows are also expected to stand up to elements, be it snow, ice, rain or heavy winds your windows are designed to repel anything mother nature throws at your home. When your windows are not able to provide perfect protection and you start to notice small leaks, this is a major cause for concern as these leaks can lead to large issues. Not all leaks need a window replacement to correct, first thing you need to do is diagnose where the leak is coming from to better understand how to rectify it.

Below we highlight some of the more common reasons for window leaks:

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Guide to Understanding Window Condensation

As a home owner it is always concerning to find water in areas of your home that you do not expect it. After all, even small amounts of water can lead to significant damage in your home. This is why many home owners are concerned when they find more condensation on their replacement windows and doors than they have seen on their older windows and doors. But, is this condensation a cause for concern?

We spoke with several of our windows and doors specialists to better understand window condensation, below is what they had to share.

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